School Programming


After-school Chess Training

Generally taught as a one-hour per week class after school.  A YDS instructor leads the class teaching basic skills and strategies to grow students’ knowledge and appreciation of the game.  YDS instructors make a point to make correlations to real-world applications for deeper conceptual understanding.  Parents can register online or via the school for class availability.  Grades 2 – 12

 Chess for Intervention

Generally taught as a one-hour per week class during the school day where students are selected by the principal or administration to participate as an intervention.  Led by a YDS instructor whose instruction and pace are designed to meet the needs of selected students. Grades 2 – 12. 

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Community Programing

Fun with Chess Camp

Partnering with elected officials and community leaders, Fun with Chess holds chess camps at local park districts during Spring Break, Christmas Break, and Summer Break.  Our camps run for one week or two weeks depending on duration and availability.  All camps end with a tournament and presentation of the trophy for the first-place winner. 

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