The Fun with Chess Learning System® improves your child’s:


• Memory
• Critical Thinking 
• Focus
• Concentration
• Academic Skills 
• Decision Making  
• Analysis
• Confidence 
• Reasoning  
• Social Skills
Studies show that chess training helps improve standardized test scores almost four times better than other forms of supplemental mentoring.  Improvement happens across many subject areas.

Fun with Chess System Features and Benefits (click the icons on the right for details).

Avatar Narrated Videos

To maintain student interest, we use short avatar narrated, easily absorbed instruction lesson videos. The videos come with and without captions.

Multiple Languages and devices


We are making lessons available in English, Spanish, and Swahili, in September. To serve more students, we are optimizing for Android cell phones and tablets. 

Play against Students in other Countries

Later in the year, students will play students in Kenya and Latin America online.

Multiple Formats

Lessons are also available in audio-only and text-only formats. Students can choose the format that best suits their learning style.


Online Play - Leaderboard and AI Training


Students can play online 24/7 and get points for games won, lessons completed, and challenges finished. 

The leaderboard points spur competition, which adds to the fun.

Our computer-assisted player, CAP, uses Artificial Intelligence to train students in chess rules and tactics.

Special features help improve memory

We include special features to help students who have short-term memory or focus problems. These may be the students that benefit the most.  Easy access to memory prompts and repetition moves knowledge from short-term to long-term memory.

Schools and Chess Coaches

We give significant discounts to schools, Chess Coaches, and Youth Organization that sign up 20 or more students.  We have comprehensive participation and progress reports for administrators at student, class, and school levels.

We have special online tools, curriculum, and lesson outlines to support professionals, volunteers, or staff for onsite or virtual chess classes.