Fun with Chess Learning Systems Benefits®

Youth Development Systems, Inc. (YDS) is a community-minded supplemental education company that improves critical thinking through the Fun with Chess Learning System® (FwC). FwC provides basic and intermediate chess training. 

FwC improves academic, social, and career success for most students, including those with executive skill deficits. Students in underserved communities must deal with alternative truth, fake news, social media, worsening poverty, health, and safety/violence issues. Students require confidence and analytical and decision-making skills to navigate that environment successfully. 

Chess training makes analysis, planning, and decision-making almost second nature. Most students, however, do not gravitate to chess. So, we created a chess curriculum that uses avatar-narrated videos, leaderboards, and real-time interaction.  

Our unique patent-pending chessboard design at makes it easier for all beginners to learn chess. As explained at, we include many features that give students the additional repetition and memory cues some may need to develop these skills. These benefits distinguish FwC from other onsite, online, and virtual chess training systems

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