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We at YDS, would like to congratulate George Gray of Shoesmith Elementary for becoming the first 4th Ward Co-Curricular Sports Program Beginners Chess Champ in 4th Ward Beginners Matchplay.  George played to a draw with Jeremiah Willis of Murray Elementary.  But, George received a higher score in the Fun with Chess Learning System, the online chess learning environment developed by YDS, which was used as the tie-breaker.  Third place goes to Marley Curry of Shoesmith Elementary as well.

Please see the testimonials and articles below.  If your child participated in the 4th ward program, they can get free online access to the Fun with Chess Learning System for the summer.  Just complete the permission slip below.

Thanks, again to students, parents and administrators for allowing Youth Development Systems, Inc to work with you.  We greatly appreciated the opportunity and look forward to working with you again.

Take care,

Doug Jackson

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