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Athena's Workshop

Athena’s Workshop has built a texting platform specifically for educators so they can:

• Ask parents and students to return that important form, answer the survey, send in tuition
• Remind parents and students about upcoming tests and important deadlines
• Inform parents and students about schedule changes and website updates and more

Key differences between Athena’s Workshop and the competition include:

✓ Spanish translation, send the message in English and those that request Spanish will have it translated for them
✓ Two-way and one way broadcast notification
✓ Privacy controls for teachers as to when and how they can receive messages to their personal device
✓ Customization and tech support
✓ Group chat or individual replies to group messages for privacy
✓ Permanent message log with sorting by student name, group and date
✓ Message scheduling
✓ Assistant teacher/instructional aide can also text from their own account

Please contact Ralph Jones (800-906-9759 Ext 1) for additional information or to discuss texting options for your school or organization.


Dr. Jaami Dawan

Dr. Jaami Dawan

Profiles of Successful African-American Men
                       By Jaami Dawan, Ed.D. (link is external)
   A Guide to Help Boys and Young Men Become Successful

On a sunny Saturday morning at Chicago’s Simeon Career Academy back in 2010 at a Concerned Christian Men (CCM) Breakfast I was engaged in a stimulating personal conversation with the late Dr. William Lackland. His insights “rocked my world.” That conversation eventually inspired me to write a book. This book!

Dr. Lackland shared some of his university experiences with me. The dean advised him to enroll into several remedial courses including reading and math. The dean’s attitude conveyed his doubts about William’s ability to pass these courses, much less completing the university curriculum. Dr. Lackland refused to let this stranger deter him from earning his Ph.D., in Chemistry, no less.




ADHD Center & Academic Achievement Institute of Milwaukee

Youth Development Systems, Inc. and the ADHD Center & Academic Achievement Institute of Milwaukee are in preliminary discussions about the creation of an online chess training program specifically designed to improve the academic and cognitive skills of ADHD students.  Chess has been shown to significantly improve the focus, concentration and organizational skills of ADHD students.

Research shows there is a strong correlation between leaning to play Chess and academic achievement. Critical thinking, focus, concentration and sportsmanship skills will be required for students to be successful in the global 21st century economy; Chess training can significantly improve those skills.

Please click here to go to the ADHD Center & Academic Achievement Institute of Milwaukee’s website.


School Ready

A child’s vocabulary is one of the biggest predictors of his or her academic success, and is even correlated strongly with future earning potential. SchoolReady publishes the Ben and Emma series of fun children’s books that teach essential academic vocabulary to young children. There may be no cheaper, more effective or fun way to boost your children’s test scores and simultaneously develop critical thinking skills and a love of reading.

For more on SchoolReady see Allison Bell Bern’s linked in profile.