Fun with Chess Training Board

The Fun with Chess Training Board is a one of a kind chess training board designed with tools to aid the beginning chess player.  The at-a-glance instructive diagrams give students onboard access to piece movement, algebraic notation, and piece value.  Board set-up and special moves are also included.  The Beginner’s Chessboard is available for white-label opportunities as well.  Each school that participates in our school programming receives 10 boards and pieces with the purchase.

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Participating Stores
Games / Dice Dojo
5550 N. Broadway Ave
Chicago, IL 60640

Mindbenders Puzzles & Games 
1438 119th St.
Whiting, IN 46394

 Chicago Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Surgery
1301 E. 47th St.
Chicago, IL 60653

The Gaming Goat 
436 S. Ridgeland Ave
Oak Park, IL