The Chess Instruction Management System (CIMS)

The Online Chess Instruction Management System gives professionals, volunteers and staff instructors optional online access to many of the same resources that YDS Instructors use.  Instructors  can use our manual which includes a 40-lesson plan, a digital chess demo board, training videos, puzzles and memory exercises with corresponding questions and answers.  Instuctors also use our Patent-Pending Chessboard which makes it easier for students to learn and instructors to teach chess.  Students can play other students in their group or our Computer Assisted Player (CAP) and participate in online chess tournaments.  

Staff, volunteers or professional chess instructors will be able to record which lessons and exercises have been completed.  Online administrative reports provide sponsoring organizations and program administrators with instructor, grade, school and district level participation analytics.  Sponsoring organizations will find it easier to maintain continuity in case substitution is required, or an instructor must be replaced.  This CIMS is being developed to help guarantee the success and effectiveness of chess programs.