Thousands of Chicago young people live and attend school in neighborhoods experiencing violence, at times, daily. There are many reasons for this, but we must find a resolution and foster safer environments for our youth, no matter the cause.

FwC Community Services Inc. and its supporters believe that we have an especially important part of the solution. We teach young people how to make better decisions and to engage competitively without aggression. Learning and playing chess teaches students to identify and analyze alternatives and to evaluate short and long-term consequences before acting.

FwC Community Services, with the support of the JLM Life Center and the Coalition of African American Leaders (COAL) to host a free-to-participant online and on-site learning and tournament event, Chess Against Violence.

Chess Against Violence is comprised of comprehensive basic chess instruction for youth, both online and in-class instruction, culminating in a fun, competitive chess tournament.

The training is for beginner chess players ages 10 through 16. We will hold the training sessions on Saturdays. Fun with Chess Learning System training improves critical thinking and decision making and reduces the tendency for conflict to lead to violence.

What is needed? As we work with organizations to identify participating youth, we must also identify four volunteer on-site chess instructors and four volunteer virtual (online) chess coaches, and business and individual sponsors (those willing to support this anti-violence initiative at whatever level that you can).

You do not have to be a great chess player to teach. We have the curriculum and tools. Do not miss this opportunity to give Chicago youth a brighter future. Please call 800-906-9759 Extension 1 or go to for sponsor and volunteer information.”