Beginner’s Chess Set (patent pending) with a year’s access to instruction videos


This board measures 20 x 20 inches and is .07 inches thick. Our patent-pending miniature 64 square chessboard instruction diagrams are presented along the borders. The standard 64 square play area in the center uses 2.0-inch squares that fit standard tournament size chess pieces and has alphanumeric notations along the sides.

Mouse pad chess boards are quickly becoming a favorite because they have a soft surface with a thicker board than a vinyl or silicone chess mat, they always lay flat, and they do not slide around due to the rubberized bottom.  Click here for more detail.

  • Includes patent-pending 64 square miniature instruction diagrams along the borders.  See other tabs for details.
  • Access to fun avatar narrated instruction videos for each of the instruction diagrams
  • Includes plastic club pieces. Paper felt bases. 3.75 inches King Height 1.5 inches King Base full set with 34 chess pieces (extra queens included)
Only $39.95. plus applicable sales tax, shipping