Annual Fun with Chess Subscription Regularly $89.95 with $30.00 APS Discount




The Fun with Chess Learning System® is an online stand-alone self-paced platform that trains students in basic chess techniques and strategies. An overview is available from our digital brochure at (for the best view, go to the full-screen mode). 

Instructions on how to get started video is at  The platform is available 24/7 and is designed to be straightforward and fun to use.  The platform emphasizes to need to think before you act and develops confidence, analytical, and decision-making skills.  Studies show that improving these skills can lead to improved academic, social, and career successes.

The following are just a few of the benefits students get from participating:

  • Short avatar narrated videos make the lesson fun and easy to understand. The videos are easy to access and can be reviewed as many times as necessary. Lesson content is also available as videos with captions and text only and audio only formats, The content is available in English and Spanish.
  • Points are awarded for completing quizzes based on the lesson videos, chess puzzles and memory exercises. Points are also awarded for wining online games with other students.  These points are displayed in ranking order on a Leader Board to encourage competition and make participation more exciting.
  • The online chess matches are recorded. Move by move replay helps students analyze and improve their play or the play of student that they will compete against. Historically significant chess matches, and chess matches that demonstrate specific chess opening and strategies are also available for move by move review.
  • Student may chat with each other during online chess matches reduces feelings of isolation. Like the matches, the chat sessions are recorded and subject to review. Unacceptable language or conversion will lead to loss of privileges.
  • CAP allows students to develop their games, test new techniques and strategies and observe how a player that is above their skill level will react to their play. Our Computer Assisted Player (CAP) is available 24/7.

The annual Fun with Chess Learning System® subscription price for APS Training Academy students is $59.95 (after a $30.00 affiliated discount).

After completing the form below and paying the subscription fee, students and parents will receive login ids, passwords, and instructions on how to get started.  Questions about the system can be submitted to  The student dashboard will display a link to a video that answers the first 25 unique questions submitted each week.

Please complete the information form and pay the subscription fee below.