Students, we can teach you chess!
Chess training will make you smarter!

How? The Fun with Chess learning System will make you better by helping you improve the skills that you need now to get better grades and later a better job. No matter what job you want or what your ambitions or dreams are, skills like focusing, organizing, analyzing and making better decisions will help you get there. Please view the video below and then scroll down for more information.

It does not matter if you want to be a mathematician, tight end, pitcher, point guard, policeman, plumber or scientist, these skills will be required for success.  If you can think of a job, career, profession or hustle that does not require these skills to be the best, let me know.

Improving your focus skills could be the difference between being the student on the left and the student on the right.


Chess training teaches you to focus every time you move a chess piece.  You determine if you can take a piece, if your opponent can take your piece, if you are leaving a piece unprotected, etc. You will not see all of the good moves in the beginning and you will make some bad move for sure.  But the more you train, the better you will focus.  The more good moves you will see and the fewer bad moves you will make.  You will remember more.  They say practice make perfect.  I don’t know about perfect, but practice does make you remember.

You will find that the focus you developed during chess training will be there when you are taking a math or history lesson.  And, you will find it easier to remember those lessons.

How do we do we make chess fun? 

Our lesson videos are presented by fun avatars with names like Coach Phil, Susan and Maleek.  We use animated pop up banners and zooms to point out important information.  Our lessons are very different than more traditional chess lessons where the chess instructor just lectures. 

After watching the lesson video, you can earn leader board points by answering questions about the video, solving chess puzzles and doing a memory exercise.  The points are update immediately so you can see your name raise on the leader board.

One of the of stars of our show is CAP.  CAP is our computer assisted player.  Cap knows your chess skill level and will give you a challenge at your level.  You can beat CAP and earn leader board points, but each time you do CAP will step it up and to beat him again, you will need to step up your game.

You can challenge or accept challenges from others in your group.  You can play a game whenever you both are online.  You don’t have to finish a game during one session, you can start again where ever you left off.  You can also have many active games at the same time. Once a game is finished, you can review it move by move by selecting the Spectate option. 

We also make chess easy to learn. Don’t worry about forgetting how a piece moves during game, just click on the piece and click help and a diagram will show you how the selected piece moves. The other person never knows you asked for help.  Short videos showing how chess pieces move and other openings, defenses and strategies are available on the same screen that you are playing on.  No one will know you are watching.

You can watch the videos at any time and as many times as you want to (24/7).  If you used a knight in a Smother’s Mate maneuver to trap a King, no one will ask you how many times you watched the “Smother’s Mate” or the “How to move a Knight” videos. It may take a while to get it, but you will find once you get it, you got it. 

The dash board shows the top 5 players in the systems but if you click on the “Leader Board” label you can see the detail.  You can see where you stand overall, in your group or for Lesson Points, CAP game Points or Points earned by beating other players.

We will have online elimination chess tournaments with players from your group and team play against other groups.  Games won during these tournaments also earn points on the leader board.

These are just some of the fun activities you can participate in when you are an annual subscriber to the Fun with Chess Learning System.  To join please ask a parent to review the information at If they register you, you will get a free android chess app so that after you learn to play, you and a friend can play on an android phone at any time.  

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