Fun with Chess Learning System’s Virtual Classes will many features of in class instruction

Homework Assignments 

Virtual Class Instruction

 Student Participation

  • FwC Online Video Lessons, Chess Puzzles, Memory Exercises and Quizzes from our online system will be assigned as homework.
  • Instructors can verify completion of online assignments.
  • Questions on the homework assignment will be reviewed at the beginning of each virtual class.
  • FwC Online system matches between students will be started at the end of the virtual class session and finished from home after the class. 
  • Instructors can verify that the matches were completed.
  • Selected matches from the previous class will be reviewed during the virtual class.
  • Parents can review summarized online system activity for their students. School administrators can review online activity in detail by individual students and in summary formats at student, class, school, and district levels
  • Parents are encouraged to monitor our Virtual Class and can request free access to our online resources for term of the class.
  • Chess tactics and strategies will be demonstrated using the FwC Digital Demo Board.
  • Historical matches and matches played by masters that are stored in the FwC Online System will be reviewed move by move.
  • Games constructed by Instructors to emphasize or demonstrate various tactics and strategies will be reviewed with the students.
  • Students will have access to the FwC online system for the duration of the virtual class and can play each other or play our Computer Assisted Player (CAP) from home at any time.  These games are recorded and can be reviewed (move by move) by the students, the parents, and the instructors at any time.  Occasionally, the instructor may review one of these games during the online class.
  • A series of Quick Start videos covering board set up, piece movements, messaging and playing other students and our Computer Assisted Player (CAP) online, will allow new students to start playing and having fun immediately.  Students’ who play with just rudimentary technics have fun and stay engaged while learning the basics and becoming more knowledgeable.
  • Meeting IDs and passwords will change for each class to provide better security.
  • Each student will be placed in a waiting room until admitted by the instructor. 
  • Students will click an on screen “Raise Hand” button to ask questions.  The instructor recognizes the student and turn on their mic and video image. The entire class will hear and see the student asking the question.    
  • Students will be asked to explain moves, move pieces on the demo board and highlight pieces and situations on the demo board. 
  • Classes will be recorded and available for review by the class students and their parents for one week after each class session.